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NFT fundamentals for artists

In this course you will get a guided insight into the NFT space and how you can use NFTs to start generating income from your art.

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What we provide


​​This course was designed to give artists an introduction to the world of NFTs, using the expertise and feedback from real artists. Our goal is to assist artists in the beginning of their exciting journey into the NFT space, by providing them with a structured guide. 


We put our focus on responding to individual needs, whether you are a 3D artist, photographer, videographer, animator, musician or a traditional artist - we will provide you with profound knowledge of NFTs as well as finding your individual niche in the market.


Becoming an NFT artists has many advantages over selling your digital art in conventional ways:


  • Huge market growth to over $40 billion in 2021*

  • Benefit from the current mainstream adoption

  • Earn passive income from royalty payments every time your piece is resold



For each topic we will provide you with valuable resources if you are interested in deepening your knowledge in that area. This includes links to articles, websites for your research as well as additional documents.




Downloadable course document


Downloadable list of NFT marketplaces


8 explanatory videos


Your finished NFTs will be featured on

NFT Innovation


Priority support for questions and help


Glossary of NFT/blockchain terms

What you will learn


Understand the principles of a blockchain, cryptocurrencies, wallets and how they are related to NFTs.


Find the best marketplace for your individual needs and art style


Learn how to create and sell NFTs


Discover pricing strategies to value your NFT


Master NFT marketing strategies to make your sales take off



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